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the musketeer's inheritance

The fourth of the Musketeer’s Mysteries.  A letter from home informs D’Artagnan that his father died in a duel.  The truth is more complex than that, and it leads to discoveries about D’Artagnan’s background and to the deadly fate threatening him.


The Royal Witchfinder was appointed by his majesty the king of Avalon to save witches and shifters in worlds that forbid them.  But some eyars ago the king forbid all travel to other land.  Unbeknownst to his majesty, Seraphim, Duke of Darkwater, continues rescuing the lost from other worlds.  This disobedience will lead to his unraveling the mystery of Avalon’s missing princess, and putting an end to the evil stalking the land — at least it will, if he survives long enough.


The Return of the Magical British Empire in Author approved Editions: