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Sarah A. Hoyt’s Short Stories

Besides perpetrating fiction in novel form, I have sold over four dozen short stories in diverse genres, including science fiction, fantasy, mystery and horror.    I am now bringing these out indie in new editions.


Some of them have been collected by Dark Regions Press in Crawling Between Heaven and Earth  and my latest collection, Wings!  Click on the images below for  better looks at the covers or click the links under the images to buy them from Amazon:

Wings Wings Dark Regions Press May 15, 2008

Crawling Between Heaven and Earth Crawling Between Heaven and Earth Dark Regions Press September 1, 2002

Magazines and Anthologies

For my fans, I’ve collected a list of my published and soon-to-be-published stories in magazines and anthologies, many of which still can be found online:

Strip Mauled The Case of the Driving Poodle Strip Mauled Upcoming Space Sirens Bite the Hand Space Sirens Upcoming Witch Way to the Mall The Incident of the Inferno Grill Witch Way to the Mall May 26, 2009
Better Off Undead A Grain of Salt Better Off Undead November 4, 2008 Witch High The Price of Gold Witch High October 7, 2008 Enchantment Place Heart’s Fire Enchantment Place August 5, 2008
Jim Baen's Universe, April 2008 Scraps of Fog Jim Baen’s Universe April 2008 (#12, Volume 2, Number 6) Something Magic This Way Comes Editor Something Magic This Way Comes March 4, 2008 Transhuman Whom the Gods Love Transhuman February 5, 2008
The Future We Wish We Had Waiting for Juliette The Future We Wish We Had December 4, 2007 This is my Funniest 2 Elvis Died For Your Sins This is my Funniest 2 October 28, 2007 Fate Fantastic But World Enough Fate Fantastic October 2, 2007
Places to Be, People to Kill Where Horse and Hero Fell Places to Be, People to Kill June 5, 2007 The Secret History of Vampires The Blood of Dreams The Secret History of Vampires April 3, 2007 Cosmic Cocktails With Unconfined Wings Cosmic Cocktails December 5, 2006
Weird Tales, June 2006 Girl with the Golden Lute Weird Tales June 2006 (#340) Children of Magic Titan Children of Magic June 6, 2006 Slipstreams Hot Slipstreams May 2, 2006
Modern Magic Stock Management Modern Magic April 25, 2006 Millennium 3001 Go Tell the Spartans Millennium 3001 February 7, 2006 Crossroads And Other Tales of Valdemar Change of Heart (with Kate Paulk) Crossroads And Other Tales of ValdemarDecember 6, 2005
Time After Time Super Lamb Banana Time After Time November 1, 2005 All Hell Breaking Loose Something Worse Hereafter All Hell Breaking Loose October 4, 2005 Chronicle, October 2005 Lost Absolute Magnitude (published in Chronicle) October 2005 (#263)
Illuminated Manuscripts Fox Fire Illuminated Manuscripts September, 2005 Bedlam's Edge Unnatural History Bedlam’s Edge August 2, 2005 Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunnits v.3 Sea of Darkness Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunnits v.3 June 23, 2005
Gateways Wait Until the War is Over Gateways June 7, 2005 Absolute Magnitude, Spring 2005 Sugarbush Soul Absolute Magnitude Spring 2005 (#21) Mammoth Book of New Jules Verne Adventures Around the World in 80 Letters (with Kevin J. Anderson) Mammoth Book of New Jules Verne Adventures March 12, 2005
Amazing, March 2005 After the Sabines Amazing March 2005 (#609) Oceans of the Mind, Summer 2004 Ganymede Oceans of the Mind Summer 2004 (#12) Faerie Tales Yellow Tide Foam Faerie Tales May 1, 2004
Asimov's, March 2004 What She Left Behind Asimov’s March 2004 Paradox, Autumn 2003 Wings Paradox Autumn 2003 (#3) Book of Final Flesh The Blonde Book of Final Flesh July 15, 2003
Analog, July/August 2003 Traveling, Traveling Analog July/August 2003 Best of Dreams of Decadence The Blood Like Wine Best of Dreams of Decadence March 4, 2003 Read a Review of The Blood Like Wine Weird Tales, Winter 2002 Never Look Back Weird Tales Winter 2002 (#330)
Apprentice Fantastic, November 2002 The Muses’ Darling Apprentice Fantastic November 2002 Dreams of Decadence, Summer 2002 For Whose Dear Sake Dreams of Decadence Summer 2002 (#17) Fantastic Stories, Winter 2001 The Play and the Thing Fantastic Stories Winter 2001 (#4)
Analog, November 2001 Trafalgar Square Analog November 2001 Dreams of Decadence, Autumn 2001 The Blood Like Wine Dreams of Decadence Autumn 2001 (#15)  Read a Review of The Blood Like Wine Absolute Magnitude, Summer 2001  Dear John Absolute Magnitude Summer 2001 (#16) Read a Review of Dear John
Weird Tales, Spring 2001 Songs Weird Tales Spring 2001 (#323)  Read a Review of Songs Dark Regions, Winter 2000 Another George Dark Regions Winter 2000 (#15)  Read a Review of Another George Star Trek Strange New Worlds 3  If I Lose Thee… (with Rebecca Lickiss) GRAND PRIZE WINNER! Star Trek Strange New Worlds 3 May 1, 2000 Read If I Lose Thee…. online! 
Weird Tales, April 2000 Elvis Died for Your Sins Weird Tales April 2000 (#319) Dark Regions, Summer 1999 Like Dreams of Waking Dark Regions Summer 1999 (#13) Pirate Writings, Summer 1999 Not For Thee the Glow Pirate Writings (now Fantastic Stories) Summer 1999 (#18)
Absolute Magnitude, Summer 1998 Plaudit Cives Absolute Magnitude Summer 1998 (#10) Dreams of Decadence, Summer 1997 Thirst Dreams of Decadence Summer 1997 (#4)


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