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Ladies and Gentlemen

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Small carnivores and dragons-- Witchfinder is now up! witchfindercoverfinalFor now it's only available in ebook and only from Amazon, but it should come out, shortly, from the other outlets and be out in paper in the next two weeks. To read the beginning, go here To buy go here

A Few Good Men one of 5 finalists for the Prometheus Award!

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9781451638882-e1376442690261 Buy the Book Read More


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            An Omnibus of the first two books in the Shifter series.  To replace those that have been read to shreds and to allow fans to have a copy of the first in paper, since it's long since vanished from the shelves.Night Shifters OMNIContains: Draw One In the Dark Gentleman Takes a Chance Buy the Omnibus